• You will have the opportunity to hear about one of the absolute best ERP systems on the market

  • You get an insight into how you can optimize your business with digitalisation

  • You get the most important information from the evening gathered here 

  • You get an insight into E. Krag's experiences with Odoo and VK DATA


Odoo Roadshow in Copenhagen

Didn't make it to the Odoo Roadshow 2022?
We've made it easy and collected the most important points from the evening below.

What is Odoo Roadshow?

The Odoo Roadshow is an annual recurring event, which we now finally had the pleasure of again, after two years of corona and cancellation. The purpose of the Roadshow is to provide knowledge about the benefits and features that the Odoo ERP system can provide your company. At the same time, Odoo wants to create a professional forum where there is an opportunity to network with other companies, partners such as VK DATA and employees from Odoo.

VK DATA participated in the Odoo Roadshow 2022 as a Gold Partner and was available for a talk about development and streamlining of the companies present.



Get an insight into one of the market's best ERP systems

VK DATA - Se mulighederne med Odoo

See the possibilities with Odoo

Odoo wants to bring business leaders, team leaders, IT professionals and service providers from around the world together to form a community dedicated to learning about business management solutions.

Every year, Odoo launches a new version of their ERP system, and we want you on the journey! The purpose of the evening is, among other things, to give an insight into all the options and functions that Odoo is able to offer your company, as well as a unique insight into how the system works. 

The purpose of the Odoo Roadshow is not only to make you aware of the endless possibilities that Odoo provides, but is also largely about networking with like-minded people



In 2018, E. Krag and VK DATA started a collaboration. E. Krag is a company located in Southern Jutland that specializes in the supply of large quantities of raw materials to the Danish and German markets. 

E. Krag was previously working with an old DOS-based system and was looking for something new that could support the following everyday problems:
- Handling of direct deliveries from supplier to customer without stock transactions (not drop shipment)
- Handling of their raw materials in stock.
- Handling the production flow of 25kg foil sacks, big bags and sorting of stones.
- Bank integration.
- Statistics and key figures.
The choice fell on VK DATA and the Odoo ERP system and a workshop was quickly set up, where a demo of Odoo was reviewed - E. Krag had no doubt that this was the way they should go! They now have both standard and customized apps in their solution.

Since the start of the collaboration, E. Krag has had all their documents digitized in a fully transparent system, which also means that they have all their data gathered in one place. At the same time, there is the possibility of extensive data collection, which provides an overview and streamlining of their work tasks.

E. Krag does not know in advance what to invoice until they receive an invoice from their supplier. Handling this problem is quite complex for most systems, and E krag, before Odoo, used an Excel sheet to keep track of their data. The problem requires a tailored solution to create an overview and make it easy to keep track of their data. Fortunately, VK DATA has developers in-house who can develop tailor-made solutions and apps, and E. Krag has now solved their problem. In fact, Lars Krag Andreasen (CEO) states that they have not yet had a problem that did not have a solution. They therefore feel that with Odoo and VK DATA they have a solution and a partner that makes them well future-proof - They now use Odoo for everything!


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Why should you choose an Odoo partner? 

With VK DATA as your Odoo partner, you not only get one of the market's best ERP systems, but you also get a partner who gets to know your business and your business needs. Our most important task as your partner is to streamline your everyday workflow so that you have time to concentrate on your most important tasks while your business grows.

VK DATA is Denmark's preferred Odoo partner.
We are, among other things, because we have specialists and developers in-house who are always ready to help you with your specific needs. At the same time, we are with you throughout the implementation journey - also AFTER Go-live.
We take great pride in having a broad business understanding across industries, so that we are always one step ahead and can help you with why there may be problems or challenges in your work processes.
We can also help with the handling of the new bookkeeping act.

We look forward talking to you about your business wishes!