Who is VK DATA? ​

The start-up of VK DATA ApS

When the internet really started to pick up speed in Denmark, we started our IT company, now called VK DATA ApS. The first two letters, VK, stand for Visti Kristensen, who is the founder and director of the company. 

Visti Kristensen's interest in electronic data processing (EDB) started at his job at a plumbing wholesaler, where he was responsible for developing systems and calculations. From here, it wasn't far before he found it exciting enough to start a company with EDB himself. The company started by selling hardware, but in line with the rapid development of the Internet, VK DATA developed from only selling hardware to also selling financial systems such as C4, C5 and Winkompas3.

Today, VK DATA ApS has its head office in Tønder, where the majority of our employees in Denmark work.
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VK DATA and Odoo 

In 2011, we learned that more and more customers were demanding more than just financial systems. Instead, they requested a system that could support webshops and CRM systems. In our search for a system that VK DATA could vouch for, we discovered the ERP system Odoo, which was then programmable, but today is the world's largest Open Source ERP system. We have been developing on Odoo ever since and today have 35 in-house Odoo certified consultants and programmers who work every day with the implementation and development of Odoo for our customers. 

Through several years of experience, we have understood that systems, as well as employees, must be able to communicate across departments in order to have an efficient workflow. Most companies want to become digitized and have evolved to be more complex, which makes it harder for them to keep an overview. After many years of work and experience with financial systems and running a business, we have chosen Odoo as our ERP system because we believe it is the best on the market. Odoo ERP meets the requirements that modern and complex companies have for their business system: That their ERP system can be developed and grow in step with them.

We look forward to helping more companies in an easy transition to the use of Odoo, as well as other IT solutions, through our advice and training.

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NISUS Solutions

In 2010, VK DATA was developing rapidly, and several customers requested better web designs for their companies and webshops. Visti therefore contacted an acquaintance who had a business in Sri Lanka and who could do the graphic work for websites from there. The contact ended up leading to Visti first buying half of the company in Sri Lanka, called NISUS Solutions, on the condition that the employee who was in the company would continue. After a short time, however, it became clear that it was better to take over the company completely.​

To this day, the company has grown to 15 employees, of which the aforementioned employee still works for us and is today a co-owner of NISUS. After 4-5 years, NISUS started to focus on Odoo, and not just web design, where we now have Odoo certified consultants and developers in Sri Lanka who primarily do Odoo, but who can also do both WordPress and Drupal. 

We have recruited all our employees in Sri Lanka ourselves. They follow the same code of conduct as the rest of VK DATA, and also work under the same conditions.

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Odoo in Sri Lanka, Odoo with Nisus and VK DATA

Some of VK DATA's most important values include creating value, growth, stability and security for your company, so that you can grow with an overview and happy employees. Among other things, we want to do this through a high level of technology in our choice of products, as well as by ensuring a high level of professionalism among our employees.

Kont​​akt ​​​​​​os today if you want a non-binding chat about your company's potential for growth with VK DATA as your partner.

For direct contact, you can call +45 7373 8888

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