Plastkort Nemt.

Vi tilbyder plastkort med tryk i unikke og personlige designs.

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Tryk af plastkort

Do you need a gift card or perhaps a business card that stands out? There can be many reasons why you need to have a plastic card printed - whether it is for business cards, membership cards, benefit cards or gift cards - then a plastic card can make the recipient feel a little extra special. We offer printing of plastic cards, where you have the option of having your own design printed. We offer designs in four color prints for border. We also make plastic cards with a magnetic code, bar code or chip.

Do you have specific wishes for your plastic card? Contact us - then we will solve the task for you.

Pris for fire farvetryk

Med og uden magnet, chip og for- og bagsidetryk.

All prices are excl. VAT

Specifikationer og pris

  • Start page 1 + test card
    DKK 300

  • Start page 2
    DKK 250

  • Shipping and handling
    100 DKK.

  • Reprints of previous card designs
    DKK 300

  • Design package 
    Card design with up to 2 revisions
    DKK 750

Antal kort

Price per PCS.

  • 1-49 pcs.
    DKK 9.95

  • 50-99 pcs.
    DKK 8.95

  • 100-249 pcs.
    DKK 7.95

  • 250-499 pcs.
    DKK 7.80

  • 500-999 pcs.
    DKK 7.20

  • 1000-2499 pcs.
    DKK 6.60

  • 2500+ pcs.
    DKK 6.05

  • Press on the back per Map
    DKK 5.00


  • Surcharge for cards with HiCo magnetic strip
    DKK 0.50

  • Supplement for coding magnetic tracks
    DKK 0.50

  • Supplement for encoding barcodes/QR code
    DKK 0.50

  • Supplement for punching a short ø6/strap hole
    DKK 0.70

  • Surcharge for picture on card
    DKK 2.45

  • Surcharge for Premier Gold metallic card
    DKK 2.80

  • Surcharge for Premier Silver metallic card
    DKK 2.60

We can deliver within 2-3 days depending on the size of the task

Call us on + 45 7373 8888 and get a price and expected delivery time