​ Odoo appointments

Get the option to create appointments online in your Odoo calender. 
The system works 24/7 and automate your bookings and appointments. 

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Get control of your appointments and bookings

With Odoo Appointments installed, you get a self-service reservation system that works online and 24/7. 
This means that your customers can schedule appointments themselves - also outside your company's opening hours. The planned appointments are automatically added to your calendar, so that you have an overview of your appointments.
 You can also easily integrate a link to your calendar, so that customers can book meetings, directly on your website, through your e-mail signature or through social media. In this way you can easily fill your calendar without even contacting your customers.  

See how you create appointments with your customers - this will make it easy for you to manage and automate your calender.

When your customers get access to your calendar, they can easily choose a meeting type and the person with whom they want to have the meeting. They can then choose their preferred time slot for the meeting, based on availability in your calendar. When the meeting is booked, it is automatically saved in your calendar and both you and the customer receive a confirmation by e-mail.  

Take cont​rol of your calendar

The Appointments app can be set to only show available times, so you avoid double-booking or bookings that go beyond your normal working hours. 

You automate your calendar by setting your working hours for the different days of the week as well as by adjusting time intervals for meetings, so that you can use your day most efficiently and get the maximum flexibility out of the booking system. 

You can even sync your agenda from Odoo with Google Calendar. This allows Google Calendar to block bookings in Odoo if you create an appointment. 


Smart Odoo calendar management so you avoid double booking
adapt the rescheduling of appointments and reduce absenteeism

Reschedule appointments and reduce no-shows

It can be frustrating if customers don't show up for scheduled appointments and it can affect your employees' productivity. With Odoo, you can automate it so that an e-mail or an SMS reminder is automatically sent to ensure that your customers do not forget your agreement.  

At the same time, your customers also get the opportunity to add the meeting/appointment to their calendar with a single click. The visibility of your calendar's open times gives your customers the opportunity to reschedule their appointment themselves, if they still can't attend a the originally chosen time. 

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