Optimize your processes in relation
with recruitment and HR management

Use integrated surveys for best results

Easy from the start, thanks to an extremely user-friendly setup and processing. Odoo's questionnaire allows you to create and edit a survey in connection with the recruitment of new employees.

No need to sync results with your database. Odoo takes care of it automatically!
Get results and see statistics and charts instantly. Extract your statistics, measure response rates and extract analytics with a few clicks.

Don't waste time on the process, but focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Manage your employment process

No need to outsource your recruitment manually.
Odoo handles everything internally.

With Odoo you can organize your applications for vacancies. Set up your recruitment team, advertise your job adverts and keep track of submitted applications.

Track all applicants and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. Set up a job portal to post vacancies with just one click. The tool provides easy access to keep track of submitted job applications. 

L​​​​ær mere

Manage your employment process

Do your own research

Use the surveys to customize questions

 in your employment process

Ask applicants to complete the survey

 online or during the interview

 Odoo studies and research

Odoo can easily handle the processes after employment

 of new employees

Time sheets

Visualize your team's progress for each​ project or task. Monitoring expected hours, effective hours and estimates of tasks.

  • For professionals who like to plan their activities at the beginning of the day, Timesheets can be used to set aside time in advance for the day's tasks.​
  • For professionals who need to track their work in detail, the timer can be started from the desktop with a single click.
  • For professionals who bill by the hour or day - just focus on your work and record your activities at the end of your day.​

Odoo Timesheet continues to record time even if there is no internet connection. Just start your timekeeping as usual and the data will sync with your personal user when you're back online.

Record time and attendance

Weekly or monthly timesheets with optional meeting registration.​

Keep track of employees' working hours and sort by project, client or tasks. Get easy access to statistics by recording and analyzing timesheets and checking each employee's attendance. The integrated invoicing module can provide automatic reports based on time spent on projects, calculated from data sent from time sheets.

Get expenses updated and quickly approved

Employees can easily submit and justify their expenses. Managers can review all expenses and either approve or reject individual requests. Once approved, expenses are immediately updated in the Odoo Finance app.


Holiday and absence registration

Each employee can make a request that the person responsible for that area can approve and note with a few clicks. The work schedule for the individual employee will then be updated.

The person in charge gets a complete overview of the absence of the company or the individual departments, and can, based on this, plan the work to be distributed when an employee is on holiday or ill.

Employees can enter their requests themselves (paid vacation, long-term illness, etc.)

Management decides whether an inquiry is to be rejected or approved.

A notification is sent to the employee and their calendar is automatically updated.

Odoo can do so much more!

VK DATA has its own programmers who can tailor apps to your company's needs.​