Event Management Software

Offer arrangements and events to your customers
Events and events can be displayed directly on your website and allow easy online registration.

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Offer and host events easily

which is adapted to your target group

With this tool for events and arrangements, you get a management tool that brings together all aspects of planning both large and small events. This means that with one single tool you can both plan, keep track of ticket sales and registration, as well as marketing your events.

Events and online ticket sales, make it easy for yourself


Online ticket sales

This module provides access to an automated registration of ticket sales and/or registrations, as well as automation of payment processes.

You can of course choose whether you want to hold a free or paid event. However, both parts often require registration or registration, which you get easy access to with Odoo Event Management.

If you want to take payment for the tickets, you can choose that your customers can either pay online or through invoicing. You can even define special conditions yourself such as Early-bird prices, member discounts, benefits or other types of tickets.

In short, this Event Management tool gives you everything you need for planning and managing events, so you can focus on marketing and thus increased attendance.


Do you want sponsors to sponsor your event? You can easily market both new and old business partners who have bought advertising space at your event.

The Event Management module allows easy management and overview of existing and new sponsors. You can easily set up a display of sponsors at the bottom of every page that deals with your event or arrangement. At the same time, the sponsors can be inserted in order, depending on how big a sponsorship is given.  

The sponsor packages can also be sold online through the Odoo Webshop.

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