Effective project management with Odoo

  • You can create your projects in Odoo

  • You can register tasks and time consumption

  • You get a clear and user friendly project management system 



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Modern and easy user interface

You get it just the way you want it


Create an overview of your tasks and their status via simple drag-and-drop between the columns. Then things are always under control and who has the ball.


Get an overview of who is to perform which tasks and when. And how much each employee is burdened, so that tasks can be moved.


Once everything is set up, you can easily keep track of your deadlines and the status of your projects.


Monitor whether deadlines are met, whether activities are carried out, so that you can react quickly and move resources if necessary.

Forescasts provide an overview

Plan resources across your teams and projects. Odoo automatically displays holidays and days off. Plan upcoming projects with forecasts based on similar projects and estimate deadlines more precisely.

It is all shown in different views such as Gantt chart, list, etc.

VK Data, Odoo, project management, planning, erp
VK DATA Visual information

Harness the power of visual information

Project management - simple.

Make your processes more efficient and improve employee collaboration. Split the project into smaller tasks and distribute them to your teams to exploit the potential.

Create custom phases for each project to simplify your workflows and increase project efficiency.

Discuss projects and share documents

Easily add notes or attach files to any project so everyone has access to information.

Forget about endless follow-up meetings to keep track of projects and communicate via the internal live chat, via the notice board or by assigning tasks - all via the simple user interface.

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A functional and dynamic graph to display all tasks


Create graphs to analyze your data by leveraging powerful search tools, filtering and grouping functions, and a variety of unique visual interfaces. All to help you track and maintain your projects from any level.