Point of Sale system

Odoo has integrated PoS system which supports payment with card via Worldline and other services.

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Everything a store needs in one system

Set up your store with a PoS solution and IoT in Odoo


With Odoo POS, you get a system that is built on an easy and intuitive user interface. This allows any retail business to easily set up and use the system. The POS system is flexible and can be set up and configured to suit exactly your business and the needs of your employees - regardless of whether it is a restaurant or a clothing store.

POS can be used both online and offline

Do you need a system that is stable even if your internet connection can be unstable? Odoo POS requires an Internet connection when it is started - however, the system can still be used even if the Internet connection is interrupted after starting the system.

Integrated inventory management 

Odoo's POS system is integrated with Odoo warehouse management. In this way, you can get an overview of your inventory, since each transaction is automatically sent to the warehouse. This also allows you to get accurate forecasts and reports so you can more easily manage your inventory.

Odoo POS is also compatible with Odoo Webshop.

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Cashier solution for restaurant

With Odoo Restaurant you can quickly get an overview of your restaurant and see orders for all tables. The floor plan tells you exactly where your customers are, where there are free tables, who is still waiting for food and how much space you have left.

  • Fully customized floor plan
  • Supports multiple POS
  • Can be configured on the basis of a POS solution 


Loyalty programs

With loyalty programs, you get repeat customers

Give your loyal customers a reward through points, gifts or discounts through loyalty programs. Odoo allows an automated solution that keeps track of the loyalty program for you, as well as your customers points and discounts.

Loyalty programs mean that your customers also want to hear more from you. Here, through your POS system, you can register your customers and follow their buying behavior's, so that you can send them attractive offers and sales notifications through newsletters.