We offer a proven project model that suits your company  

VK DATA has developed a project model that has been thoroughly tested and adapted to companies like yours. Our model must ensure that the implementation of your new ERP system takes place in the most optimal and error-free way. We know that it can be a big task to have to implement a new ERP system, where challenges will undoubtedly arise. These challenges can mean that the steering groip in the company has to make some big choices - therefore we understand that communication between your company and our consultants is extremely important, so that the implementation proceeds as smoothly as possible. 
We also see that the prerequisite for a successful implementation is that you decide internally in the company what benefits you want from a new system, and that the management is involved from start to finish. 


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The clarification method

The first thing you should consider when considering a new ERP system is why you want a new one. Is it because you want to have you processes automated? Is it because there are missing functions in your current system? Is it because your current systems don't talk to each other? Regardless of what it is, it is important that you focus on the gains that you want to get from changing the ERP system. The gains you want from a change must form the basis for your upcoming project. 

Hos VK DATA we always suggest that you start "from behind" when have to go through a change of ERP system. This means that the benefit you want from your new system must help tell you what you want changed in the company. We often find that it is something completely different that actually needs to be started than what our customer initially thought. When you use this method, we arrive at the gains that will benefit you in the long run more quickly. 

VK DATA wants to contribute so that together we find the root of any challenges or problems in your company. By processing your challenges from scratch, you avoid unnecessary obstacles at a later stage.      

First contact

When you have completed and submitted a contact form through VK DATA's website, a consultant will contact the company, where you will then have an initial interview.

Of course, you can also call VK DATA directly, where we will take the initial interview straight away- 


Based on your needs

After the first contact / initial conversation, we will typically hold an online review/demo of Odoo. The demo is set up based on the initial conversation, where we aim to match your company's needs as closely as possible. Here we will also review Odoos's standard functionalities, at the same time as we have a more in-depth conversation about your wishes / needs. 

Through our demo and review, you can quickly get an overview of whether Odoo could be something for your company. This doesn't mean that you are completely settled, as there may still be many unanswered questions that we must decide together.

Clarification of needs

Possibel workshop

After our review and demo, there may be some wishes, gains and needs that your company would like to have fufilled, where we will investigate in more detail how we can solve this challenge with Odoo.  

This can be done in two different ways;
 - If you have less complex wishes / needs, a new review of Odoo can be held, where VK DATA adapts the new review to the new needs that you have presented to us. 
- If, you on the other hand, need larger and more complex solutions, there may also be a need for a workshop, where one or two consultants come to your company, where you go through all the daily processes in the company together. We then provide an estimate of how Odoo can optimize these, where you can subsequently decide whether you want to proceed with Odoo.

However, VK DATA has the experience that it is a good investment to have a workshop held - here you get the opportunity to reverse most of your daily workflows, where you can identify any bottlenecks that way. This gives you both an early clarification of whether you want to proceed in the process, as well as an understanding of why you are facing challenges. If you don't wish to proceed further in the process, you have thus still gained a new internal understanding of your company.  

Conclusion of agreement

When you have decided to proceed in the process, conditions are agreed, and both parties sign a cooperation agreement - then the project can be started.


Before the kickoff meeting, VK DATA has put together a team of competent consultants, project manager and possibly programmers who follow your project from start to finish.

VK DATA then convenes a meeting where approx. 300 questions for your company - many of these questions have already been reviewed in the demo and the needs clarification, but so that all parties have understood the scope, most of these questions are reviewed / confirmed again.
These questions are important in the further process and collaboration, since it is these questions that will help clarify how your system should be set up.


In connection with the kickoff meeting, it is agreed what is to be done and by whom and when. VK DATA then makes a project plan of what has been agreed. In the project plan, meeting dates, task managers, as well as what, who and when things must be done will be indicated. The plan is sent to your company for approval, so that all parties are involved in what needs to happen.

The project plan must be followed throughout the duration of the project. The implementation of a new ERP system will, depending on size and complexity, take between 6 weeks - 12 months.
With a project plan, both your company and VK DATA always have an overview of the project and how far we are in the process. Throughout the process, a number of workshops are held, where we review and set up the various processes with you, so that we continuously get ready for Go-live.

Please note, however, that the date of Go-live may be postponed if there are many requests for changes throughout the phases of the project plan. To avoid this, it is important that we make as many decisions as possible at the kick-off meeting.


If there are modules to be developed, this will be done in parallel with the project. The project plan will indicate when a development is expected to be completed.

VK DATA prepares a proposal for the development, which is forwarded to your company for approval. With this, we once again ensure that both parties have understood the task.

We sometimes experience that in this phase you can have a lot of wishes for development, which can delay the project. Here we would like to find out together whether Odoo can handle the task through the ongoing solution that is being implemented, or whether these newly arisen wishes or needs can wait until AFTER Go-live.

What can go wrong?
We want to be transparent and forward-looking, so we also think it is important to explain what can go wrong. The actual implementation phase is where errors can occur. For example, it may be that we have talked past each other, there may be functions that are not correctly understood, or something else entirely. It is therefore important that we agree on as much as possible during the clarification of needs and the workshop phase. Of course, there will always be small things that need to be adjusted, but we would like to clarify the bigger decisions together before we start the implementation and development.


All the way through the project and after each meeting, there will be a flow test of the system. These tests must be carried out by your company yourself - of course with help and guidance from VK DATA.

It is during these flow tests that you internally in the company write down your various processes with the new system. At the same time, you get a feel for the system and through these tests can more easily find out if there are things that need to be adjusted before Go-live.

We know that as soon as you put the system into use, you quickly find out how much it can actually do - here, however, it is important that the project plan is adhered to, as otherwise we quickly find ourselves in a situation with new demands, as well as the solution must be able to. These new wishes and functionalities must be written down, after which we will collectively take them up AFTER Go-live.


When everything is set up and all users have been trained, a Go-live date is agreed. Before the date, an opening balance must be created, and some stress tests must be carried out to ensure that everything works optimally. 


After Go-live, we won't let you go! VK DATA will continuously contact you to ensure that everything is running as it should. You also have the opportunity to get in touch with our support should this be necessary.


Every year, Odoo comes with a new version of the system. However, it is not necessary to upgrade every year, but VK DATA still recommends that you do so, since each version comes with new and improved functions that can benefit your business.

We offer three package solutions


  • Here you select the standard modules that are needed
  • Affiliated consultant who helps with setting up and teaching the modules
  • No adaptations or development

Industry solution

  • Here you select the standard modules that are needed
  • Selection between several different solutions that VK DATA has developed for various industries
  • Adaptations or development

Customized solution

  • Tailor-made and adapted solution that fits the needs of the individual company exactly!
  • Adaptation and development necessary


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