Ubiquiti and Unifi service agreement

With the following service agreements, you get network monitoring with a focus on stability.
You can detach your company from network problems and at the same time get service for updating hardware and software. 



What is Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti has everything from indoor and outdoor Access Points to antennas that can transmit up to 100+ km. All of their Access Points can utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE), which makes it possible to receive power over a network cable. Ubiquiti's fast indoor Access Point can transmit up to 122 meters, with a speed of 1300Mbps, and their Long Range model can transmit up to 183 meters, with a speed of 300Mbps.

The fastest outdoor model can deliver a speed of 1300Mbps, and send up to 183 meters.

You get a software-based controller that has an overview of all your Access Points - from the same controller you can maintain and manage all your Access Points centrally.

In addition to the wireless network, Ubiquiti also has IP cameras for monitoring your business - these cameras can be accessed from your computer, tablet or mobile phone through a web interface.

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Advantages of Ubiquiti and Unifi


You get reliable and scalable equipment.


You get an overview and control of your network.


Ubiquiti supports the latest technologies.


Get a strong WIFI that covers both your customers' and your company's needs.


With a Unifi service agreement, you get troubleshooting in the event of a breakdown.


Get personalized service and notifications about future changes to devices.


Why choose Ubiquiti and Unifi? ​

It is more important today than ever to have a secure and reliable network - at the same time that it is fast, well-functioning and reliable, no matter where you are. Therefore, of course, we have the best network solution for you and your company.

In order to meet this demand, we sell precisely one of the market's best network products, which is Ubiquiti network equipment.

Ubiquiti delivers a reliable network, and also has easy user administration with good options for both upscaling and downscaling the network.

Ubiquiti Unifi, anti-virus, anti-spam, indholds-filtrering.

What is the Unifi service agreement? 

With the Unifi service agreement, you get access to the Unifi Security Gateway series, which contains Anti-virus, Anti-spam and content filtering, which ensures that the computers in your company are not infected with harmful software. Of course, the protection does not affect the speed of the gateway.

If you buy a Unifi service agreement, you get a PRO WIRELESS Controller with an active service solution. We maintain controller software and firmware for Access Points, at the same time that we manage and maintain your wireless network through a controller located at VK DATA.

We know that your company may have special needs and therefore a solution can be very different from company to company. We therefore want to have a dialogue where we clarify your company's needs, so that you get the right solution that suits your company.

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