Bookkeeping service for Odoo

Get professional help and advice for daily bookkeeping in Odoo

We have the expertise, resources and experience - this can save you time and training of your own staff.

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We know it can be extremely timeconsuming to take care of both bookkeeping and VAT accounting and it is often necessary to have at least one full-time employee who can handle the tasks. That is why we offer professional assistance and advice for bookkeeping in Odoo.  

We offer costumized bookkeeping assistance, which means that we adapt the service to your needs - whether you want to manage parts of the bookkeeping yourself, or if you want help with the majority of your daily bookkeeping tasks. 

We help with the following and more:

Administration of salaries. 

Debtor management / creditor management and preparation for payment for other creditors - Danish as well as foreign creditors. 

•     Follow-up on missing payments, debtors, administration of reminder procedures

Various reports, e.g. for TAX, list declaration and/or EU-sales. 

•     Preparation of accounts for audit

•     Various bookkeeping tasks  

Dialogue with debtors cf. with missing payments and/or bank statements. 

Ongoing financial reporting / financial management / review of debtors/creditors.

Ideas for improvements/shortcuts, which are meant to offer you efficiency and reduction of work tasks.

Get effective bookkeeping help with these simple steps:

Initial dialogue 

In the initial dialogue, we clairify your wishes / need for help. Here we also agree whether our competences match your needs.

Agreement and plan

If our expectations match, an agreement is made and a plan for the collaboration is drawn up. In this phase, several documents must be forwarded and signed. VK DATA will provide these documents.


Together we will review your current system and solution. VK DATA will then provide advice and suggestions on how your solution can be optimised. 

Bookkeeping assistance

The bookkeeping assistance is initiated.



Send and receive invoices electronically


Bank integration

Automatic import of account statements every day.
Simple bank reconciliation.
Real-time payment directly from your system.
All common payment options.

Invoice approval

Set up some guidelines for when a vendor bill can be validated (posted).

Benefits of bookkeeping assistance

VK DATA has a lot of expertise in bookkeeping assistance - especially with Odoo as a bookkeeping system. There are many advantages to choosing help with the daily bookkeeping tasks - however, some of the advantages are of particular interest for the companies that are not already familiar with Odoo.
Some of the benefits include the following:  

  • Our employees require no learning period in a new system. The focus is solely on learning and understanding your business' internal processes and tasks. 
  • Due to VK DATA working with bookkeeping in Odoo on a daily basis, we can optimise your internal flows better and faster. 
  • Full specification for the auditor with documentation for the annual accounts: E.g.: Due costs, total specification of items with emphasis on external documentation and/or further clarification for the auditor - resulting in fewer accounting hours and therefore greater savings for you.  
  • You get a clear reduction in support tasks for financial reports and bookkeeping. 
  • You decide yourself how much assistance is needed.  
  • We offer a flexible finance function where you avoid the costs of a full-time employee. 

We cooperate with the Danish Audit Office - Dansk Revision

  For at være bedst muligt forberedte på den bogføringshjælp I måtte have brug for, har vi indgået et 
samarbejde         med Dansk Revision i Tønder . Gennem dette samarbejde får I, med bogføringshjælp fra VK DATA, adgang til en        revisor, der har forstand på Odoo som økonomisystem, samtidig med at I får  professionel juridisk assistance og       revision af regnskab

  Vi samarbejder selvfølgelig også med en revisor, der allerede måtte være tilknyttet jeres virksomhed. 

Don't have Odoo? 

If your company does not already use Odoo as its ERP- system, but would like our Bookkeeping assistance, we can offer you:

You can install the Odoo accounting module for DKK 0, so that you can get the bookkeeping help you need.

Should VK DATA help with start-up, teaching and bookkeeping, an estimated time consumption will be agreed when the need is known.

If you later wish to use other of Odoo's modules, such as storage, purchasing, sales, or other, a license for Odoo must be purchased, which we can of course also help with.  

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The prices are settled on an hourly basis and you only pay for what you need assistance with. This means that you are only charged for the time you actually need assistance. 

Which we believe provides the most value for you. 

There are no hidden prices or fees - We mutually estimate the amount of hours you need, and there is also room for adjustments afterwards. 

Hourly rate for bookkeeping assistance

DKK 499 ,00

DKK 605,00 
/ hour, first 3 months, hereafter 605,00 dkk / time
  • Administration of salaries
  • Posting of salary in Odoo
  • Miscellaneous reports
  • Preparation for financial accounting
  • Daily bookkeeping etc.

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