Brancheløsning til din vinhandel

Med en brancheløsning til din vinhandel får du et stort overblik og en effektiviseret arbejdsgang.

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Customized apps

VK DATA has made an analysis of the wine industry and from there collected and developed modules aimed at wine merchants.
With an industry solution for your wine shop, you get a big overview and an efficient workflow. You get integrated solutions that talk to each other, so you can concentrate on passing on your expertise in wine to your customers. 

Start with the customer - find out what they want and give it to them.

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VK DATA - Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM)

This integrated module can quickly and easily create and maintain data on all your products. The module collects all product data in one place and ensures a high quality of the data that is distributed between different systems. 

All you have to do is put data into the module so that it can then be automatically imported to your website.

This module is a tool that can help you and your customers with which wine to choose. Once you have entered data about the wine in question, your customers can see everything from serving temperature to taste and body.

GS1 Integration

You no longer need to waste time finding product descriptions and barcodes using the GS1 tools integrated into our module.

Wine taxes

You get an integrated module that can keep track of all the wine taxes that you need to keep an eye on.

The module ensures correct calculations of the charges and all your data is collected in one single place, where it can also be maintained. You thus avoid entering the charges in several places, since the module is integrated with the rest of your control system.  

Bank integration

This integration saves you time automatically sending the right papers to the bank and on time. 

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Commission modules

The commission modules automatically calculate commission for the seller based on defined criteria. This makes the apps talk to each other and make it easier for the company to give the right salary to the salesperson. In addition, the modules calculate bonuses and commissions for sellers.  

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