Developed for wholesale and retail

You get everything you need in one system
You get a website and webshop with a customized design
You get a system that works on all devic 


ODOO 4 FASHION gives you all the benefits

  • Website & webshop with customized design

  • Total integration with sizes and colors of products

  • Purchasing and stock management

  • Get it all cloud-based or installed in your own infrastructure

  • Works on PC, tablet, Smartphone

Quick start, easy to use, flexible and easy to adapt to any business.

With ODOO 4 FASHION you get into the lead position

Total integration of warehouse and store in one solution. 

No duplicate data entries between the inventory system, sales, cash registers and webshop.

You get apps for purchasing,  inventory & logistics,   CRM,   sales,   checkout solutions,   marketing,   accounting,  

accounting,  personale, webshop and much more.

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