Online IT security system​

With ProGuard, you get extensive protection.
You get expert help for your IT security.
Get your company's security updated. 


Why choose ProGuard?


ProGuard is a comprehensive security solution that keeps all your work devices and servers up to date.


Your company gets strong malware and browser protection, so that you are best protected when you are online.


Achieve cloud-based protection with DeepGuard.


ProGuard always has up-to-date protection with automatic security updates of 400+ programs. 


Significantly reduces the costs of both crashes and cyber attacks.



Get expert help handling important updates.

Why choose Proguard?

Companies today are dependent on their IT operations and cannot tolerate downtime due to IT breakdowns or cyber attacks. Threats from IT criminals have increased significantly, and they constantly find new ways to exploit security holes and thereby gain access to our IT infrastructure.

With PRO GUARD from VK DATA (Whitelabel by F-Secure) you avoid time-consuming administration and worries regarding updates and new versions of your programs on all your devices.

With ProGuard you increase your company's IT security level considerably. You get expert help and we take care of the operation and maintain your security solution.

What is ProGuard?

ProGuard protects all your devices against the latest IT security threats.
ProGuard maintains IT security for you, and when your computer is not in use, over 400 programs are updated so that all security holes are closed.

ProGuard can be used as protection for PC, Mac, file servers (Windows and Linux), mail servers (Microsoft Exchange) and mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets). No matter which computer you use (PC or Mac), your devices are protected, and with "Software Updater" the computers are scanned for missing updates for the operating system and third-party programs.

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Email and server security

ProGuard can provide effective protection for both Windows and Linux servers. There is an option for both real-time or scheduled scanning. This ensures that no malware is stored on file servers.

In the Windows version, you get anti-virus, behavioral analysis and cloud-based reputation technology (DeepGuard). The Linux version includes, among other things, anti-virus and allows control of the firewall. There is complete protection of Microsoft Exchange servers.

Server Security supports Windows, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange, Terminal servers and Citrix servers.

The product contains three modules:

Cloud-baseret protection with DeepGuard

Browsing-protection for terminal users

Centralized administration of quarantined software

Mobile Security

The solution protects the following products: Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile platform. Mobile Security includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, anti-theft and browsing protection, with a few differences on individual operating systems.

Software Updater

Software Updater ensures that the operating system and third-party applications are always up to date. It provides an easy overview of the latest security status in real time and lowers the risk of so-called "unpatched software". Software Updater can proactively scan computers for missing operating systems/and third-party applications, which can then be updated automatically or manually. This job can also be scheduled for a fixed time.

Easy-to-use administrations-portal

If you wish to administer this service yourself, this is also possible via the web-based administration portal.

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