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Du får følgende som kunde hos VK DATA:  


project manager IT solution erp system implementation

Associated project manager

You don't have to go through many different contact surfaces. Your associated project manager ensures structure in the implementation process and that your company achives your objectives 

it service support it solution

Support AFTER Go-Live

We ensure that you get the most out of your solution through ongoing follow-up and inclusion - and after implementation and go-live.

Meeting personal contact meeting

Personal contact

VK DATA places a high value on personal contact, and therefore holds personal meetings where, in collaboration with your company, we find a suitable IT solution via professional advice. 

1. Kick off meeting 

We always start by holding a meeting where we align expectations with the needs of your company. It will most often be a physical meeting in your company, as personal contact is highly valued at VK DATA.  

Here we will review the challenges you have today in your current financial system, and from there we can give you an answer as to whether Odoo is the right system to continue working with and what opportunitets it offers. 

We will typically bring 1-2 advisors to the meeting and it is recommended that the company brings along decison makers and relevant people from the organization on whom Odoo has an impact. 

Start up meeting advisors for odoo
Odoo, financial system, accounting program, Microsoft, Dynamics C5, NAV, AX, e-conomics, Visma, SAP

2. Implementation

Once we have clarified your needs and found Odoo suitable for managing your company, we will help you futher with an Odoo scoop, regardless of whether you are a start-up company or come from a financial system / accounting program such as e.g. Microsoft Dynamics C5/NAV/AX, e-conomics, Visma, SAP or another license-based system. 

Odoo is built around Apps. That means that you can start with the Apps that are important for you to get started with. See the Apps Odoo offers  Here. 

We install Odoo for you with the agreed Apps that you want to use in your company. We also create the users who must have access to the system. We then set up the system with data and the fuctions that have been agreed upon. 

There will often be special requirements that are not included in the basic setup. We adapt and develop Odoo according to the set requirements you may have in your particular company, 

When all the data is in place and the setup is ready, we come outto the company and teach the employees how it all works. Odoo is then ready for use. 

3. Ongoing dialogue & development

The world is constantly changing, and adjustments and that will most likely occur over time. Therefore, we ensure that you will be in continuous dialogue with the consultant(s) who have been assigned to your company. This ensures a dynamic process where we will enter into close cooperation with each other as needed. 

So if you have questions or need help, we are here to help you. Just contact us on tel:
 + 45 7373 8888 or

Do you need more information about the implementation? Then take a look at our more detailed project model. 


Shakes hands to agree ongoing dialogue, close collaboration

Price structure on Odoo per user

The price is stated in EUR as Odoo is purchased directly from Odoo S.A. in Belgium


EUR 0 ,00

User / monthly
  • Choose one app for free
  • Unlimited number of users
  • ..


EUR 19 ,90


User / monthly / first order
Purchase of users thereafter costs €24,90 
  • All Odoo standard apps
  • Odoo online
  • .


EUR 29 ,90


User / monthly / first order
Purchase of users thereafter costs €37,40
  • All Odoo standard apps
  • Odoo online / / on-premise
  • Odoo studio
  • Multi-Company
  • External API

Get started with Odoo!

Fill in the form and we will call you for a non-binding chat about your company's needs and wishes.

In addition to helping you streamline processes and implementing your digital platform, we can offer many other useful services so that you only have one partner to talk to.

You can see our services in the menu.

We look forward to talking with you about the possibilities.

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