Tryg Cyber insurance 

Secure your data against hacking with VK DATA & Tryg
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Get a personal IT specialist assigned


Advantages of Tryg Cyber insurance

If you are exposed to a cyber attack, you can get expert help around the clock on how to limit and deal with the damage.


Covers your company's operating losses after virus, hacker and cyber attacks, as well as other damage to your IT system that is covered by Tryg Cyber insurance.


Covers assistance to prevent, detect and limit the financial damages following theft or misuse of your company's identity.


VK DATA becomes your personal IT specialist if you book your Tryg Cyber insurance through us.


Advice on handling, in the event of suspected accidental disclosure of personal data.

With Tryg Cyberforsikring you are well insured against cyber attacks.

Why choose Tryg Cyber insurance?

As a digitized company, cyber insurance, to protect important data, is very important to have.
We work daily with incredible amounts of data that are particularly sensitive in one way or another, should your company be hit by a cyber attack.

88% of Danish top managers point to cyber threats as an extremely significant concern.
Therefore, Tryg forsikring and VK DATA would like to help your company as best as possible.
You get an incredibly cheap insurance that protects you if your company faces a threat to IT security. You get expert help that will make your company strong against cyber-attacks, as well as help and insurance of data in the event that your company is affected.
You also get support 24/7. 

What is Tryg Cyber Insurance?

Tryg's new cyber insurance is relevant, since cyber attacks are still becoming an increasing threat in Denmark. 2/3 of all Danish companies have been subject to a cyber attack. We naturally want to deal with this threat in cooperation with Tryg.

The insurance is comprehensive cyber insurance for little money. The insurance must reduce the financial challenges that come with a cyber attack - among other things, you get professional support for setting up security products, so that your company is as well protected as possible against a possible attack. Of course, we won't let you go after setup, and you therefore have the option of support 24/7 if your company faces a threat. Should your company be affected, Trygs Cyberforsikring covers your data.

If you work with some types of personally sensitive or otherwise particularly sensitive data, cyber insurance is indispensable.

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