Optimize your internal communication system​ with Odoo

Odoo has an integrated chat function that allows internal digital communication.

Chat with colleagues

With Odoo's smart chat function, you can easily create chats between employees in your company. The function allows internal communication between all employees in your company, regardless of level and status. The chat function ensures an overview of topics being discussed and you can easily navigate through all your previous, current and new chats in the module's news feed.

The function allows you to automatically follow updates and conversations related to the tasks and projects that you are assigned to follow. At the same time, it is possible to create both public and private groups in the chat function. Participants can be invited and you can customize personalized messages or add new groups for specific tasks.

The chat function provides access to customized mailings, so you ensure that important messages reach the recipient and are not forgotten in the crowd. The chat messages can be sent at any time and you can specify who should receive messages and when they should be received.

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