Inventory management

Get modern online inventory management with Odoo. The system gives you an overview of your stock and you get optimal stock management.​


Achieve optimum inventory management with Odoo

If you produce and / or sell goods in your company, you know that inventory management is a very important factor for your company's success and thus also your company's possible profits.

Inventory management in Odoo can help optimize operations and improve your earnings through organization that gives a better overview of your inventory. When you have an overview of how many products you have in stock, you also know how much you can sell and when.

It is not only large companies that need an IT system for inventory management. Do you have e.g. a business or a production company, you need to get an overview of your stock.

Inventory management is used by a large number of companies in many industries, from a master carpenter who handles material consumption, a clothing store with clothing stock to a production company with its own production.

An Inventory can be managed according to different inventory principles and methods.

If you need to discuss the possibilities for your company, you can contact our consultants here 

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Better organization of your inventory.  

Get the most efficient storage method based on your storage principles and optimize all your internal business processes.

Odoo does not use storage input, output or transformation.

Instead, all units move between locations.

Low inventory, no product movement

With Odoo, you can use fully automatic inventory replenishment.

You can have several storage locations and keep track of them in a unified system.

If you set up your storage rules in the storage system, Odoo will come up with purchasing / production suggestions to maintain an expected storage capacity - no more, no less.

Advanced features made simple​

Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routing to manage any inventory

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Multi inventory

Experience total traceability

Experience total traceability

Track every inventory movement with Odoo's unique dual inventory system.

Track any item that moves from purchasing to inventory to sales order. Track batches or batches in previous or subsequent links anywhere in the supply chain.

Clear reporting

Stay up to date with current reports.

Make better decisions with current dynamic reports that you can save and share with your colleagues.

Get the most important information at your fingertips with customizable dashboards.

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Get an overview of your stock with Odoo

We help companies that need efficiency and an overview.

We start by identifying the actual needs through our team of experts, who are ready to help your company.

With Odoo inventory management, you get exactly the overview you need and we would like to tell you about it.

We would like to hear about your needs and your challenges in everyday life, so that we can provide you with the best solution in Odoo.

If you would like to hear more about Odoo Inventory management, fill out the web form on the right or call us on +45 7373 8888 and you will get in touch with our skilled consultants.