The Odoo CRM system provides an overview

Get an easy and clear way to navigate your CRM system, through drag & drop functions

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Strengthen your sales

Odoo CRM provides you with the data you need. If this data is used correctly, you can quickly increase your sales and earnings. The system is easy and clear, as well as efficient to use, due to the easy drag & drop functions.

Get the big picture to make the right decisions.

Design your own custom dashboard so that you can easily get the overview of your company that you need.

You get the opportunity to go in-depth with real-time reporting and flow charts. These can be created and shared by anyone who has access to the CRM module.

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Keep in touch with your customers

With customized functions, you can automate your CRM, which means that you can easily see which customers you should follow up on or similar. Ongoing contact makes for happy customers, since customers feel heard and valued when you follow up.

The following activities can be automated:

  • Call​
  • Meetings
  • Mails
  • Offers

The system allows real-time notifications that can improve internal collaboration, since you can see when a colleague logs a call or sends an offer. In this way, you can easily share ideas and files that suit the place in the process that your colleagues are in. At the same time, you can easily be updated if you have taken time off or been sick.

In the CRM tab you can see information on the individual leads: e.g. number of pages viewed, number of emails received, own notes, and next activity. Based on this information, you know how and what needs to be prioritized for the individual customer.

Real-time overview

The CRM system allows a real-time overview that shows you both presentations and your upcoming activities. You can also see how you have performed in the current month compared to last month, with which you can more easily set and achieve your internal goals. It provides an easy and clear way to organize your work-flow when you can work from your planned activities.

Are you looking for a CRM system that is easy to work with?

The Odoo CRM system can give you what you need.

  • The price is advantageous and the system is easy and clear to work with.

  • You can use the Odoo CRM system alone or together with your financial system if you want coherence in your business.

  • With a CRM system, you have a complete overview of your leads, which you either get via your website, from fairs, newsletters or other places, from which you can then generate new leads.

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