Shipmondo integration for Odoo

VK DATA has developed an integration between Shipmondo and Odoo. The integration contributes with communication from Odoo to Shipmondo, which makes it much easier for you as a user.

Integration to Odoo

Shipmondo is a shipping and logistics software that can be integrated with Odoo, an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The integration allows users to manage their shipping and logistics processes within the Odoo platform, including creating shipping labels, tracking packages and generating reports. It is also possible to use shipmondo's shipping rate in Odoo's ecommerce platform.

One of the great advantages of integrating Shipmondo with Odoo is that it allows users to automate many of their shipping and logistics processes, while saving time and reducing errors. This can be especially useful for companies that have many orders and need to ship many packages.

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With Shipmondo integration for Odoo, users can also easily follow the status of their packages, as well as generate reports and analyze their shipping data. This can help companies to optimize their shipping processes and improve their customer service.
​Overall, Shipmondo integration to Odoo can help companies improve their efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating and optimizing their shipping and logistics processes.

Required apps for integration